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Head Mama in Charge

Hey you! I’m LaShette…

The brains (and beauty) behind Mama+Flame. As a busy mom of four boys, life can get pretty funky. Between sports practice, sweaty socks and my teenagers yearning to be the next six-packed GQ models, my house would smell like 7th period gym class. I would spend HUNDREDS on smell goods trying to put a feminine touch on my male dominated domain. Being the creative person God made me, I began to do my research and dabble in the art of candle making. Creating scents that appealed to me, gave me the opportunity to set the vibe of my choice.

My goal is to ignite your space with that same energy. Whether you’re entertaining or need a pick me up after a long day, each Mama+Flame candle is tailored to bring you on an aromatic journey that creates a good ass vibe.

Mama+Flame is my fifth baby. God put the spark in me, motherhood flamed it and we’ve been LIT ever since!