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Article: Love Notes

Love Notes

Nothing says "I love you" more than a handwritten note from that special someone. The instant stomach flutters, wide smile, and gush of endorphins will have you walking on clouds for days. But for those of us still searching for our person, we have to get creative to instill these feelings in our psyche. Here are a few ways I put my love on top...
    • Affirming voice notes

    Something my therapist suggested as an alternative to journaling was recording myself speaking positively about myself. Carrying a journal around with me wasn't ideal with my busy schedule, but one thing I do always have is my phone. Sending myself a quick "you a baddie" voice note comes in handy when I need a pick me up. Whether they are 7 seconds or 7 minutes, being reminded of my worth is something that I can listen to for days on end.

    • Weekly flowers + take out

    One thing about me, I'm going to treat myself! Those who know me personally know food is my love language. I use to go on dates just to try new restaurants (that's a story for another time lol). Treating myself to a good meal and a dozen, fresh white roses from Trader Joe's is like a kiss on the forehead from my crush. And we all know about those forehead kisses... yeah.

    • Sensual aromatics

    Aromatherapy is everything to me, hence Mama and Flame. Filling my space with fragrances that make me want to close my eyes and relax is top tier. A blend of different notes (how an ingredient smells in a fragrance) can stimulate you to invoke the mood of your choice. My go to love notes are ylang ylang and rose.

    Our MoBae features notes of ylang ylang which is known to be an aphrodisiac. It definitely makes me feel warm and relaxed like I'm on the beach, sipping rum and being perfectly kissed by the sun.

    Our Agape candle features a middle note of tea rose. Rose is not only romantic, but it serves as an aid to balance out emotions and hormonal systems. It can help relax a stressed body, forcing you to unclench your jaw and relax your shoulders. And the name itself means unconditional, infinite love. It gets no better.

    I hope after reading this you are a little more intentional when it comes to loving on yourself. No one can hit all the spots better than you. 

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