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Article: Oprah Loves Us

Oprah Loves Us

Ok, so that statement can’t be completely verified but let me explain.

It was a chill Friday night. I was packing orders and scrolling through posts on Instagram. All of a sudden I get a random DM with the following message…

I saw your candle in Oprah Magazine. Congrats!

Now when I started Mama and Flame, I always joked with my friends by saying, “ I won’t be satisfied until Oprah knows who I am”. Well, baby, God was eavesdropping on that convo and said “say less”. My beloved Good Vibes candle was listed #11 out of the 25 Best Candles from Black-Owned Companies! I don’t know how, what, when, or where but somehow my candle landed on a desk at O Magazine headquarters and style editor Raena Loper saw fit to incorporate it on the list.

Now I’ve had some wins on the journey but THIS! Nothing compares thus far. What are the chances that, without solicitation, my brand would be featured in THEE O Magazine?!? Honored and proud are understatements. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve been smiling and crying all weekend.

This is a win for US! We are family and deserve a celebration. But first, let me go create more greatness just in case we’re invited for tea.


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