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Article: Ms. Mamas

Ms. Mamas

Allow me to reintroduce myself… my name is Shette!

LaShette to be exact. But now that we’re cousins, you can call me Shette *air hug*.

Many of you know me as the mama who creates bomb aromatherapy products for your space. If you ventured through this site, you may also be aware that I am raising four male children all while running this business. I’m not even going to lie, this journey has been trying and stressful. But here we are… flourishing in year two of business.

Over the years, through conversations with some of you, I have noticed that we share some of the same ups and downs of motherhood. I have also discovered that my candles help uplift, wine down (pun intended), and tune out some of the noise that is going on in our heads. This was my goal. When I say “your aromatic journey begins here”, I truly mean it. I want you to escape with each scent and envision yourself outside of motherhood. You were you before the kids. I want you to always remember YOU at your core.

Who is *insert your name*? What do you do for fun? Like no kids allowed fun?

Mama gotta have a life too. 😉

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